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World Cup winning player serves tea in petrol queues in crisis hit Sri Lanka

By BetBarter Staff

June 19, 2022

Sri Lanka is still experiencing its greatest economic crisis since gaining independence in 1948. A direct result has been a major fuel scarcity across the island country, with people spotted waiting in huge lines at petrol stations stretching for kilometres.

According to media reports, government incompetence and the coronavirus pandemic have both contributed to the country’s ongoing problems. It culminated in Mahinda Rajapaksa’s resignation as Prime Minister, with Ranil Wickremesinghe succeeding him.

Roshan Mahanama, a member of the Sri Lankan cricket team that won the World Cup in 1996, has now posted photos of himself serving tea and buns to customers waiting in lengthy lines at the petrol station near Ward Place and Wijerama Mawatha.

“We served tea and buns with the team from Community Meal Share this evening for the people at the petrol queues around Ward Place and Wijerama Mawatha. The queues are getting longer by the day and there will be many health risks to people staying in queue,” he wrote.

“Please, look after each other in the fuel queues. Bring adequate fluid and food and if you’re not well please, reach out to the closest person next to you and ask for support or call 1990. We need to look after each other during these difficult times,” he further added.

Here is his post

Because of the fuel crisis, government employees have also been told to work from home. “Taking into consideration the severe limits on fuel supply, the weak public transport system and the difficulty in using private vehicles this circular allows minimal staff to report to work from Monday,” said Sri Lankan Public Administration and Home Affairs Ministry.

Meanwhile, due to a severe power deficit, the Sri Lankan government declared on Saturday that all schools would be closed for the next week. “All government and government-approved private schools in Colombo city boundaries, as well as schools in other important cities in the other provinces, would be closed throughout the next week owing to protracted power disruptions,” Sri Lanka’s Education Ministry said.