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WTC 2021-2023: ICC announces new point system and fixtures

By Bet Barter

July 14, 2021

After completing the first edition of the World Test Championship (WTC) cycle, the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Wednesday, July 14, announced a new schedule, albeit with few modifications for the WTC as well as the bilateral series that will commence from next month for 2021-23 cycle.

 During the first edition of WTC, each series was contested for either win, loss, or draw for the same points. Now, this won’t be seen, as WTC 2 will have points for each - 12 for a win, four for a draw, and six for a tie. This is very concrete and there won’t be any sort of confusion that was seen during the WTC one.

 ICC Acting Chief Executive Geoff Allardice said the changes have been brought in to makes the points system easier for all the Test-playing teams.

 "Each match of the upcoming WTC will now be contested for the same number of points – 12 for a win, four for a draw, and six for a tie moving away from the previous system where the same number of points were allocated to each series, divided across the number of matches played," ICC said in a release.

Here’s the detailed list of each team’s home and away series during WTC Cycle 2021-23:

Team Home Series Away Series
Pakistan AUS, NZ, ENG WI, BAN, SL
Australia ENG, WI, SA PAK, SL, IND
England IND, NZ, SA AUS, WI, PAK
New Zealand BAN, SA, SL IND, ENG, PAK
South Africa IND, BAN, WI NZ, ENG, AUS
West Indies PAK, ENG, BAN SA, SL, AUS
Bangladesh PAK, SL, IND NZ, SA, WI

ICC makes the second edition of the WTC points system crisper and compact

Earlier in the WTC 1, all the series were awarded 120 points, irrespective of the duration of matches between both the teams. This later ensured chaos and confusion among fans and viewers, as they failed to understand the points system rules. Now ICC has simplified it and has gone ahead with much easier rules. 

 “We received feedback that the previous points system needed to be simplified. The Cricket Committee considered this when proposing a new, standardized points system for each match. It maintained the principle of ensuring that all matches in a WTC series count towards a team’s standing while accommodating series varying in length between two Tests and five Tests,” said Allardice.