5 most surprising entrants in WWE Royal Rumble History

There've been a lot of moments in the history of WWE Royal Rumble when the entry of some WWE superstars left the fans stunned.

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Most Surprising Entrants in Royal Rumble.

Most Surprising Entrants in Royal Rumble.

There have been a lot of amazing entries in the history of WWE for the last couple of decades. A lot of superstars have stunned the fans and the WWE Universe with their astonishing entries, be it their comeback after a long wait or a return from an injury break from the ring.

With said that, here we’ll have a look at the top five surprising entrants in the history of WWE’s most remarkable competition, Royal Rumble. The list includes the veterans, alongside some young sensations who impressed with their outings in the ring.

AJ Styles’ debut at number 3 in the Royal Rumble match of 2016

AJ Styles

The entire WWE universe was filled with rumours and speculations of the potential debut of AJ Styles in the WWE; these speculations took the floor in the WWE universe around the end of 2015. Eventually, everybody was left stunned when The Phenomenal One made his first-ever appearance in WWE.

It was none other than the remarkable Royal Rumble Match of 206 in which AJ Styles made his entry at number 3 when Roman Reigns was already in the ring.

Edge’s unexpected comeback to WWE at the Royal Rumble Match of 2020


The Edge has produced some exciting matches for the fans throughout his career in WWE. He has made it among the most successful superstars who ever entered the ring. The legend was also named a Hall of Famer owing to some exceptional achievements in his career, including being the 14-time title holder of Tag Team Champion, alongside being the 13-time WWE Champion.

Edge had to retire on April 11, 2011, after getting diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis. He bid adieu to the ring with an emotional speech for the fans. However, he stunned everyone when he made a surprising return to WWE during the Royal Rumble Match of 2020.

John Cena’s shocking return to Royal Rumble 2008 match

John Cena

It was around the end of 2007, almost 17 years back from now when John Cena faced a pectoral muscle injury, which he sustained during a match against Mr Kennedy. It was found in the surgery that muscle had lost contact with the bone and Cena was expected to stay out of the ring for almost 6 months.

But everybody was left stunned during the Royal Rumble Match of 2008 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The fight was going quite intense as the then-defending World Heavyweight Champion Edge and WWE Champion Randy Orton, alongside veterans like The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. But out of nowhere, everyone was shocked when John Cena made a stunning entry as the 30th entrant in the Royal Rumble Match of 2008.

The revelation of all three faces of Mick Foley in the Royal Rumble Match of 1998

Mick Foley

The Royal Match of 1998 was quite interesting as Shawn Michaels defeated The Undertaker in the casket match in the main event match of the Royal Rumble. With this win, Shawn retained his WWF championship title.

Apart from that, the Royal Rumble match of 1998 also featured an amazing scene when all three faces of Mick Foley, who is known for coming up as different personalities in the ring, were revealed during this Royal Rumble match.

Glamazon Beth became the first woman to enter men’s Royal Rumble

Glamazon Beth

Recreating the moment of the Royal Rumble Match of 2000, Glamazon Beth became the second female wrestler to make an entry in the men’s Royal Rumble in 2010. Earlier in 2000, it was Chyna who made it to the history books by becoming the first-ever female wrestler to enter the men’s Royal Rumble Match.

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