'Chai peene ke paise nahin, Asia Cup karna hai' - Fans tear apart Javed Miandad for his 'go to hell' remarks for India

Former Pakistan skipper Javed Miandad is on eh receiving end of hard and fast-lined criticism from the Indian Cricket fans for Indian Cricket

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Javed Miandad

Former Pakistan skipper Javed Miandad is on the receiving end of hard and fast-lined criticism from the Indian Cricket fans for his latest remarks on Team India and the Indian cricket Board. Javed Miandad made this statement on the Indian cricket Board for their call on not touring Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023.

"India can go to hell if they don't want to come to Pakistan to play cricket. Pakistan does not need India to survive," said Javed Miandad in a public event.

“Come and play. Why don’t they? They run. For them, it becomes trouble if they come here and lose to us. The public there can’t stomach it. It’s always been the case. During our time, they used to not play because of the same reason. Riots and fighting take place there. The crowd there is very nasty. You would’ve seen whenever India loses, to anyone, the crowd there burns down houses. When we used to play, they had faced such troubles,” he added later.

Although these comments from the former Pakistan skipper and one of the legendary batters of his time didn’t go down well with the Indian Cricket fans. They took to Twitter and slammed the 60-year-old for the derogatory language he used for Indian Cricket.

Here’s how fans reacted:


In his statement, Javed Miandad also talked about how the cricket’s governing body should immediately remove the teams like India to set an example for other teams.

“They are bet losers. The public there needs to understand. Cricket is a sport. If you don’t play well, you deserve to lose. If I play well, I deserve to win. Rather you go into other things. What good is that? I say this to the governing body, if anyone does resort to such ways, they need to be strict. If you’re in India, so what? If any country behaves this way, governing needs to take action. Such teams should be removed to learn a lesson,” said Miandad for the Indian Cricket team.

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