Here's a look at some rarest dismissals in the history of cricket

There have been a few instances in the history of cricket when the batters got dismissed in a very rare fashion, be it any kind of violation by the batting team or batter.

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Angelo Mathews and Inzamam-ul-Haq (File Photo, Twitter)

Angelo Mathews and Inzamam-ul-Haq (File Photo, Twitter)

Getting dismissed is something very routine incident, which can happen with any of the batters in the cricketing world. But sometimes, the style of getting grabs the attention of the entire cricketing fraternity and that one delivery gets registered in the history books of cricket for the years to come.

There have been a lot of instances in the history of cricket when batters got dismissed in very rare fashions, out of the regular forms of dismissals. Having Angelo Mathews added as the first-ever cricketer in history to get timed out, there is a list of this kind of rarest instances in cricket when batters didn’t see their dismissal coming unexpectedly.

With said that, here we’ll have a look at 5 such instances when batters got dismissed in the rarest of the styles following an appeal from the opponent team.

Graham Gooch vs Australia, 1993, Old Trafford, Manchester (Handling the Ball)

Australia and England were locking horns with each other in the first Test of the six-match series at the Old Trafford in Manchester. Star England batter and skipper Graham Gooch was struggling in the middle during the second inning when the hosts were chasing a massive target of 512 runs. But on his score of 133 runs, Gooch happened to commit an error with his impulsive approach, he handled the ball, which led him to go back to the pavilion umpire declared him ‘out’ on an appeal from the Aussies.

Inzamam-ul-Haq vs India, 2006, Peshawar (Obstructing the field)

India and Pakistan took on each other in the first ODI of the five-match series at the Arbab Niaz Stadium in Peshawar on February 6, 2006. India posted a big total of 328 runs, losing all the wickets in 49.4 overs in the first innings. Later in the second innings, Pakistan were looking good in the run-chase when they lost their 5th wicket in Mohammad Yousuf at the score of 265 runs. Then came the skipper Inzamam-ul-Haq, who was looking in good touch with the bat but unfortunately, he made a blunder when he tried to stop Suresh Raina’s throw with the bat followed by an ‘Out’ decision from the umpire after Indian players appealed for obstructing the field.

Angelo Mathews vs Bangladesh, 2023, Delhi (Timed Out)

The most recent entry in the rarest dismissals came out from the ongoing ODI World Cup 2023 when Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were facing each other in the 38th match of the tournament. In the first innings, former Sri Lanka skipper and veteran all-rounder Angelo Mathews came to bat after Sadeera Samarawickrama’s dismissal. But in a shocking turnaround of events, he was given ‘timed out’ as he came up with the broken helmet and the time was crossed over 3 minutes by the time he received the new helmet. However, there is also a debate around this dismissal that Mathews was there in the middle before the end of the limit of 'time out' rule.

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