Novak Djokovic drops hint on epic Tennis-Cricket crossover with Virat Kohli

Their camaraderie and friendship has been great to see for fans who are now waiting for them to meet for the first time, something that even the two stars are looking forward too.

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Fans wait in anticipation for this legendary meeting to materialize

Fans wait in anticipation for this legendary meeting to materialize

Two worlds apart, yet united by sporting excellence- Virat Kohli, the Indian batting maestro, and Novak Djokovic, the Serbian tennis titan, stand as icons in their respective games. Kohli, has, mesmerizes on the field. His brilliance, unwavering spirit, and global impact have etched him as one of cricket's all-time greats. Djokovic, a 24-time Grand Slam champion, reigns supreme with an unparalleled dominance. His relentless focus and mental steel have propelled him to the top of the tennis rankings for a record-breaking 373 weeks. Both Kohli and Djokovic, though masters of different crafts, share a common thread the unwavering pursuit of excellence that elevates them to the pantheon of sporting legends.

Recently, the legendary duo have been singing praises of each other. First, it was Djokovic, who in an interview with Sony Sports Network, Djokovic, came up with a sensational revelation that took the internet by storm. He admitted that he had been in touch with Kohli for plenty of years before adding that he was looking forward to meeting him when he visited India. 

"We've been in touch for years, though we haven't had the chance to meet in person yet. I have been to India only once so far in my life. It was, I think, 10 or 11 years ago. I came to play an exhibition event in New Delhi for two days. It was a very short stay. So, I really hope that I will be able to come back in the near future," he said. However, he acknowledged that he would have to improve his cricketing skills before heading to India. "Let's say I will have a task to perfect my skills before I get to India so that I don't embarrass myself when I am there."

Then yesterday, the Indian Cricket Board released a video in which Kohli shared his side of the story which was not too different.  "I got in touch with Novak very organically, I was just looking at his profile once and just happened to press the message button. I thought I'd just say hello maybe." However, a message from Djokovic was already waiting for him. From there on, the duo started exchanging texts regularly. Kohli also revealed that Djokovic congratulated him for his monumental 50th ODI century.

Djokovic acknowledges appreciation

Now, in the latest development, Djokovic has ignited the internet with a response to the video that was released yesterday. The Serbian star tweeted, "Thank you for these kind words @imVkohli! Looking forward to the day we play together." Though details are still murky, the prospect of these two sporting giants facing off, even in a friendly match, has fans buzzing. Could we see a Tennis-Cricket showdown or perhaps a joint charity event? Regardless, Djokovic's tweet proves that greatness transcends sports, leaving fans eagerly awaiting this potential dream team-up. 

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