EA Sports release details of Seria A Team of the Season

EA Sports has already announced the release date and timing for the forthcoming FIFA 23 Serie A TOTS promo.

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FIFA 23 Seria A TOTS

FIFA 23 Seria A TOTS (Source - Twitter)

EA Sports has already announced the release date and timing for the forthcoming FIFA 23 Serie A TOTS promo. It has been simpler to predict what the creators will reveal every week within the game than it has been for non-TOTS advertising. A unified schedule that has been in place ever since the first Team of the Season competitions has made this possible. However, delays resulting from unforeseen events are always possible, even though the next distinctive collection of cards will manifest as planned. 

The cards that will feature in the Serie A TOTS promos are the subject of some intriguing rumours. Players can draw cards from packs of cards that will be available. The commencement dates have been established as a result. Let's examine all the official details that EA Sports has provided. 

The top footballers from the current season will be covered in the Serie A TOTS promo. The likelihood that prominent figures like Victor Osimhen, Kvicha Kvaratskhelia, and Rafael Leao will feature in the promo is high. The FUT loading window indicates that the aforementioned cards will be accessible from Friday, June 2, once the promotion launches in Ultimate Team. It adheres to the format described in the compacted schedule made public in May. 

The anticipated time, which happens to be 6 pm UK time, will be when the new content becomes available. The new cards for FIFA 23 will be available to gamers in the US starting at 10 am PDT/1 pm ET, meanwhile, in India they will be accessible starting at 10:30 pm according to local time.

Since their cards are going to get significant boosts based on their results in the 2022–23 season, it will be intriguing to see which players will be featured during the Serie A TOTS promo. The majority will be included within the in-game packs, although there won't be many chances to find them. Fortunately, EA Sports will probably issue a few promo things in connection with SBCs and objectives. Those will be simpler to obtain, and some might even be inexpensive and within the budget of an average FUT player.