'Ek aur CSK title victory confirmed matlab' - Fans react to CSK CEO's heartwarming statement on MS Dhoni playing next edition of IPL

CSK CEO has given a statement regarding MS Dhoni's retirement plans and his response has touched the hearts of CSK fans around the world

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MS Dhoni (Source - Twitter)

MS Dhoni, who has stated that he would like to play for another season for the fans, is expected to come back to the Indian Premier League in 2024. Supporters of rival teams turned their home stadiums into CSK's den as Mahi was followed throughout the venues, showing how much they cared about the iconic cricketer. 

Chennai Super Kings responded to Dhoni's choice to delay his retirement for at least one game. Kasi Vishwanath, the five-time champions' CEO, has embraced Mahi's invitation. He said, “Dhoni himself has told in the press conference that he is likely to continue to play next year; we welcome it.”

Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave his supporters a huge sigh of relief after leading Chennai Super Kings to their sixth IPL victory by implying that he would play for another year. The 41-year-old, who has now collected five IPL championships, claimed that another campaign as a player would be his way of giving back to the love and support of his devoted supporters.

While speaking to the broadcasters about his retirement plans, Dhoni spoke out his emotions and what he feels he is going to do next. He said,

“This is the best time to announce my retirement. But considering the amount of love I have received all over, the easy thing would be to walk away from here, and the harder thing would be working hard for nine months and try to play another IPL. It will not be easy on the body, but it will be my gift (to the fans).”

The CSK skipper then spoke about his on-field frustration and how he is also just another human being, He said,

“I do get frustrated, it is human. But I try to step into their shoes and think what they are going through. Every individual deals with pressure differently. Ajinkya and a few others are experienced, so you don't worry about them. If anyone is confused, then can always ask.“

Fans react to CSK CEO's heartwarming statement on MS Dhoni playing next edition of IPL : -

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