Former Champions League winner set for imprisonment after he was found guilty of Rape

Former footballing icon and winner of multiple titles is set to be in prison for 54 months after he was found guilty of sexual assault charges on Thursday

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Dani Alves (Source-Twitter)

Former FC Barcelona icon and Brazilian player Dani Alves has been sent to jail. The former right back was facing charges of sexual assault which has been proved. Once the charges came to light the Spanish Court has sent the former footballer to jail for 54 months. 

The incident took place in 2022 in Barcelona and soon became national headlines. Dani Alves soon was accosted by the police early in 2023. He hasn’t been given parole or bail and has been detained since. 

The court came down hard on the footballer while pronouncing the sentence. While the punishment was being read out the court also brought to light about the woman not consenting with the actions of the actions. 

Dani Alves sent to jail – 

The Football world was rocked when it came to be known that Dani Alves the former Barcelona and PSG star is set to be jailed. The 40-year-old will serve 54 months in prison in Spain after sexual assault charges against him was proved. 

The Court in its detailed statement said “The sentence considers that it has been proved that the victim did not consent, and that there is evidence, in addition to the testimony of the plaintiff to consider the rape proven”

The footballer in his defense had earlier said that they were both in consent and they were enjoying themselves. When further pressed Alves, tried to prove his innocence and claimed to be ‘Not that kind of man’. 

While recording her statement the victim had said that former Barcelona star Dani Alves had her willingness at the start. But once in the VIP bathroom, the footballer became aggressive and had physically and sexually assaulted her. 

Once the verdict came the prosecution expressed their satisfaction and said “We are satisfied as the sentence recognizes what we have been saying all along. The victim was telling the truth and that she suffered”

Meanwhile, the defense lawyer made a statement which read “At this moment, I can only tell you that we are going to appeal the sentence. I continue to believe in the innocence of Mr. Alves. I have to study the sentence but I can tell you that we are going to appeal”

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