'No idea what the Red Bulls are going to...' - Lewis Hamilton's shocking statement after his unexpected move to Ferrari for F1 2025

Lewis Hamilton is reported to join Ferrari by next year for F1 2025; this shocking switch might take place by the end of this year ahead of next season.

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Lewis Hamilton (File Photo: X)

Lewis Hamilton (File Photo: X)

The veteran Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton will likely make an unexpected and shocking switch to Ferrari for the F1 2025. However, the confirmation is yet to arrive from Ferrari as an official sign of agreement seems awaited. However, the media reports have learned that the negotiations have crossed the preliminary stage.

Ferrar was seen quite leaning towards having Hamilton on board but it couldn’t be possible because Hamiton didn’t look ready to leave Mercedes.

Here's what Lewis Hamilton said last year 

But things have reportedly come to rest between Mercedes and Hamilton as the latter is more likely to make this big move; it became quite easy for Ferrari to approach Hamilton after two dismal seasons for the Mercedes.

“No, not when we were doing negotiations,” said Lewis Hamilton to Motorsport.com at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year.

“I do have faith that we will get there, we have been here before as a team, and while we have more and more new people, we still have great values, I see great focus within everyone. I think for this year [2023] they thought the fundamentals were good and we just have to go here and it’s not the case. That’s why I was frustrated in February because they hadn’t made the changes I’d asked (for),” he added later.

“But with the changes we are making, I hope I was, I hope we are right and, yeah, but I guess we have no idea what the Red Bulls are going to do,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ferrari has also admitted to having regular discussions and negotiations with the seven-time champion four years back in the year 2019.

However, any kind of official announcement or confirmation hasn’t been out from Ferrari about their potential deal with the  103-grand Prix winner.

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