‘This is embarrassing’ – Fans in utter dismay as referee Anthony Taylor and his family gets subjected to physical harassment by Roma fans at airport

By Daniel S

June 3, 2023

AS Roma and Sevilla locked horns in the Europa League 2023 final at the Puskas Arena Park in Budapest on Thursday, the 1st of June. Sevilla emerged victorious amidst the controversial turnarounds in the match involving the on-field referee Anthony Taylor. It later led to a lot of heated discussions on social media due to the decisions made by the referee during the match including the most controversial handball issue.

Later on, Anthony Taylor was also subjected to physical harassment by the Roma fans in Budapest when he was about to board a flight with his family. Football fans were also in utter dismay following this behavior of Roma fans with Anthony Taylor.

Fans immediately took to Twitter and came up with a lot of reactions calling out the behavior of Roma fans with match officials.

Here’s how fans reacted:

Other than that, Roma manager Jose Mourinho was also charged by UEFA for his abusive language and ugly confrontation with referee Anthony Taylor.

Speaking of the action of the match, it ended in a tie after the final with one goal each scored by both the teams. It was Paulo Dybala for AS Roma to score the first goal of the match and took his team into a lead of 1-0. But later in the second half, Gianluca Mancini came with an equalizer to take Sevilla back into the game.

Both teams had a tough fight with each other as Sevilla smashed 19 shots alongside 11 shots from Roma. Sevilla ended up hitting 3 shots on target whereas Roma had 4 shots on target during the main action of the 90 minutes in the game.

Later on, during the penalty shoot-outs, Sevilla scored 4 goals; on the other hand, Roma could score only 1, and eventually the former won the final by a margin of 4-1 to lift the trophy of the Europa League.