WATCH: MS Dhoni gives lift to young cricketer on his bike after practice session in Ranchi

MS Dhoni is in Ranchi practicing after his knee surgery. He was caught packing his kit bag after his practice session.

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MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni (Source- Twitter)

MS Dhoni is in Ranchi practicing after his knee surgery. He was caught packing his kit bag after his practice session, in his hometown. He has been an inspiration for the younger generation of cricket players, displaying a spontaneous act that showcased his down-to-earth gestures. The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) skipper has hinted about his return for next year's Indian Premier League (IPL) season.

In the video that has gone viral on social media, the young cricketer was given a lift on Dhoni's iconic Yamaha RD350. The young cricketer was seen enjoying the ride with the CSK captain. This reminded everyone of his huge contributions to Indian cricket, the heart of the sport lies in its simplicity and down-to-earth behaviour.

Here's the video: 

MS Dhoni a global icon

The 42-year-old has never been the one to shy away from his love for motorbikes. He made the day of the youngster, by offering him an unforgettable ride on his vintage bike. The young cricketer recorded the video in which Dhoni was spotted completing his training session. This fanboy moment of his showed the generosity and humbleness of the former India skipper.

Previously Dhoni was holidaying in the USA with his family and met former US President Donald Trump. They played golf in an unexpected meeting of two prominent figures from vastly different worlds. The meeting is said to have taken place at the former US President's invitation. In his vacation time, he met a fan and autographed his miniature bat. The fan was looking totally overwhelmed after seeing the CSK skipper. Once he signs and gives back the miniature bats, he asks the man to return the chocolates that he was holding for the cricketer.

'Mahi' was also spotted in the stands during the quarterfinal match between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev at the 2023 US Open. During the break, MS Dhoni was spotted sitting just behind Alcaraz. He was enjoying his vacation with his friends. Fans would love to see Dhoni back on the field next year during IPL 2024.

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