'Bro look like omas and Gunther at the same time' - The 22-year-old young superstar stuns WWE universe with his fiery ring introduction in NXT Breakout

The young wrestler recently left everyone awestruck with his sensational ring arrival in the WWE NXT Men's Breakout tournament; he also earned a lot of praise from the fans.

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WWE NXT (File Photo: X)

WWE NXT (File Photo: X)

A lot of talented superstars, be they young sensations or veterans, entertain the fans with their stunning outings in WWE. In the same line of events, the arrival of a young 22-year-old superstar has left the fans awestruck as they have already started comparing him with Solo Sikoa, one of the vital cogs in the wheel of bloodline.

The Nigeria-born former shot putter made his WWE debut last year when he made his first appearance in NXT under the eyes of the former legend Shawn Michaels. Meanwhile, Femi made his return to television and maintained sheer dominance in the ring before getting named in the roster of the Men’s Breakout tournament.

Femi went on to clash with Chase U’s Riley Osborne in the final of the tournament, where he defeated the latter in a dominating style and clinched the title of the Men’s Breakout tournament.

"I am backed by destiny." - Obu Femi

In the aftermath of his memorable win against Osborne in the final of the NXT Men’s Breakout tournament, Femi also spoke about his journey while he was interviewed backstage. In this interview, he went on to claim some stunning and quite confident things about himself. 

“This moment to me means everything has finally come to fruition. When I was back home in Nigeria, I consulted a fortune teller called Eshema. Sister Eshema. And she told me she sees me conquering industries in the future. She sees me bringing down industries in the future, she sees me winning contracts in the future. She sees me winning Gold in the future. Eshema, wherever you are, destiny fulfilled,” said Femi.

“You see, I’ve said this before and I will say it again. I am backed by destiny. That means no man breathing can stop me,” he added later. 

The fans across of WWE are also stunned by the amazing and sensational arrival of Obu Femi in the WWE and his amazing dominance in the ring.

Here’s how fans reacted to the ring introduction of Obu Femi:

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