‘Yaar Ye Bol Kya Raha Hai’ – Matthew Hayden’s Stirring Speech Backfires As Fans Claim Pakistan Players Might Need Translator

By Daniel S

November 7, 2022

After having lost hope to make it to the semis post their defeat against India and Zimbabwe in the ongoing 20-20 World Cup 2022, the Pakistan team managed to sneak through on the back of a stupendous win from Netherlands against South Africa on November 6, Sunday.

All Pakistan needed to do was to win the match against Bangladesh and they did as they chased down the target of 128 with 5 wickets to spare. Matthew Hayden, Pakistan’s batting coach, who was in awe of the team spirit, gave an inspirational speech in the dressing room post their convincing win against the Bangla Tigers.

Saying that no one expected the Men in Green to make it to the semis, Hayden added that it was possible because of the teamwork and also said that the surprise entry from Pakistan would rattle the other semi-finalists.

“If not for Dutch, perhaps, well not perhaps, we’re not here. Now we’re here and it’s powerful because no one wants to see us here and that’s the element of surprise that we have got the advantage of,” Hayden can be seen saying in the video uploaded by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) after the match on their social media accounts.

They’re not going to get rid of us: Hayden

Further, Hayden said that none can get rid of the Pakistan team at present and added that if the team hits back, then there was no team that can stop Pakistan. The former Australian cricketer added that the team can be a real threat and hoped to make it count in the semis.

“There was that kind of thinking that potentially it was going to be a different result but the moment that Pakistan cricket fires off with intent and starts to reveal its teeth, they become a real threat. There will be no one in this world, in this competition that would want to face us right now, not one. They thought that they got rid of us. Now, they’re not going to get rid of us,” Hayden added.

However, the video did receive a lot of trolls as fans claimed that the Pakistan players will not be able to understand such proper English and many came up with hilarious tweets for the same. Here are a few such tweets: