'People tried to create a dispute and...' - Bihar Cricket Association CEO breaks silence on confusion in Patna after two teams showed up for Ranji Trophy match

Chaos took place at the Moin-ul-Haq Stadium in Patna when two teams of Bihar showed up for the first match of the hosts in Ranji Trophy 2024 against Mumbai.

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Bihar Cricket Association controversy (File Photo: X)

Bihar Cricket Association controversy (File Photo: X)

The Indian cricketing circuit was centred on a discussion on one of the rarest visuals that could ever happen on the field of cricket. Everyone was left stunned by something that created chaos at the Moin-ul-Haq Stadium in Patna, which was set to host Bihar’s first Ranji Trophy 2024 match against Mumbai.  

It all happened when two different teams showed up at the ground to take on Mumbai; out of these two teams, one was selected by the BCA President and the other was selected by the suspended ex-secretary Amit Kumar. However, the issue was resolved when BCA’s designated ‘official’ squad came on the field and took on the visitors to restrict them to the score of 235 runs for the loss of 9 wickets on the first day of the game.

Some of the media reports also learned that Amit Kumar allegedly attacked an official during this entire ruckus that kept the start of the game on a halt and it finally started at 11 AM.

BCA’s district representative, Om Prakash Jaiswal also opened up about this entire controversy and cleared the air over the same.

“Indian Cricket Board permitted to play Bihar's original team. This incident happened; it was outside the stadium. A fake team was formed by the previous secretary Amit Kumar. And they tried to create a problem but our security stopped everything. And the original team of Bihar is playing the match with Mumbai,” said Jaiswal to ANI.

"Now the original team is playing in front of you." - BCA CEO Manish Raj

In the same line of events, the CEO of Bihar’s state cricket association Manish Raj also shed light on the mismanagement that occurred at the ground due to the lack of proper facilities.

“The ground of the stadium is up to the mark and that is why elite group matches are being held here. As for its exterior, it is already destroyed. Regarding the ground, I can say that it is a very good ground. Even the match referee appreciated it. Indian Cricket Board has enabled us to build our stadium. We are already searching for the land, if the work of the land is being completed then you will get to see BCA's stadium. With the limited resources we have done what we could,” said Manish Raj to ANI.

“People tried to create a dispute. Now the original team is playing in front of you, Bihar has shown good performance. Taking 9 wickets against a team like Mumbai on day one is a historic moment for Bihar. It's been many years since Bihar has participated in the elite group. And that too against champion Mumbai, who have been winners for many years. It was shocking that someone else was claiming to be the secretary when we already have the original one,” he added later.

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