Usman Khawaja pays price for wearing black armband in Perth Test

Cricket News: Usman Khawaja pays price for wearing black armband in Perth Test. The international cricket board charged the Australian opener for his pro Palestine stand.

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Usman Khawaja

Usman Khawaja (Source: Twitter)

Usman Khawaja has been charged for his pro-Palestine stance for the unfortunate incident that has been happening at the global level. The opener was about to wear his shoes with the messages "Freedom is a human right" and "All lives are equal" in support of the lives lost from Palestine in the war against Israel. The move of Khawaja was halted instantly by the Apex Board

There was a warning for Khawaja that he would not be allowed to play the first Test at Optus Stadium in Perth if he were to wear them. As a result, Khawaja thought of a different plan and came up with black armbands, which were worn by him as a mark of solidarity with the lives lost in the war. For his act, Usman seems to have paid the price, as the Apex Board has reprimanded him. 

"Usman Khawaja has been charged for breaching Clause F of the Clothing and Equipment Regulations," said a spokesperson of the apex board in the statement of the board. It was revealed that Usman wore the armband without seeking the permission of the Cricket Board of Australia or the apex board. The spokesperson claimed that it was essential in the case to play the game.

'Breach under the category of an other breach' - Apex board Spokersperson

"Usman displayed a personal message (armband) during the first Test Match against Pakistan without seeking the prior approval of Cricket Australia and the ICC to display it, as required in the regulations for personal messages," added the statement of the spokesperson. The breach of the code of conduct of Khawaja was considered under the category of 'Other breach'.

In the statement, the spokesperson claimed that the first instance of the breach was Reprimand. "This is a breach under the category of an 'other breach' and the sanction for a first offence is a reprimand," concluded the statement of the spokesperson. Australia is set to play the second Test of the series at the Inconic MCG in Melbourne on the 26th of December, as per the tradition of the Boxing Day Test. 

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