IPL auction 2024: 5 biggest flop buys by MI in IPL history

The Mumbai Indians boast one of the IPL's most formidable scouting systems. The Mumbai Indians' think tank, while formidable, isn't immune to occasional miscalculations. So, here are the Mumbai Indians' top worst buys in IPL history.

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worst buys of Mumbai Indians

worst buys of Mumbai Indians (Source: Twitter)

Welcome to the Mumbai Indians, where cricket is more than just a game—it's a family. This franchise believes in continuity and retaining its core, a strategy that has proven immensely successful over the years. The bonds between players and support staff deepen with each passing season.

The Mumbai Indians boast one of the IPL's most formidable scouting systems. Players like Jasprit Bumrah, Hardik Pandya, and Krunal Pandya stand as shining examples of the franchise's ability to nurture top-tier talent. Steering the team's strategies at auctions are cricketing masterminds such as John Wright, Robin Singh, and Rahul Sanghvi.

Yet, even the best-laid plans can falter. The Mumbai Indians' think tank, while formidable, isn't immune to occasional miscalculations. Some players, despite high expectations, fall short of delivering, leading to scrutiny and questioning of the team's recruitment choices. It's a rollercoaster journey for this powerhouse in the unpredictable realm of the IPL. So, here are the Mumbai Indians top worst buys in IPL history:

#5. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh's stint with the Mumbai Indians in the IPL proved to be one of the franchise's worst buys. Once a stalwart in the Indian middle order, Yuvraj's glory days seemed to fade by 2019. The Mumbai Indians, hoping to fortify their middle order, signed him after hefty contracts in 2014 and 2015. Unfortunately, Yuvraj's performance fell woefully short of expectations.

In just 4 matches, he managed a meagre 98 runs, displaying vulnerability against pacers and struggling with pace. This underwhelming display not only weakened Mumbai's middle order but also sidelined promising talent like Ishan Kishan, making Yuvraj's inclusion a regrettable investment in the franchise's IPL history.

#4. Jofra Archer

Jofra Archer

Mumbai Indians' extravagant INR 8 crore investment in Jofra Archer during the 2022 IPL mega auction turned out to be one of their worst buys. Despite their fervent pursuit to create a formidable pace duo with Jasprit Bumrah, the decision seemed questionable from the start. Archer, plagued by a stress fracture in his elbow, hadn't played competitive cricket since May 2021 and underwent surgery following a failed comeback attempt.

The Mumbai Indians' persistence in acquiring him despite his injury history backfired as the prized pacer failed to make a significant impact. He played in only four games before succumbing to further injuries and returning home. The much-anticipated partnership never materialised, marking Archer as a costly and ineffective acquisition for Mumbai.

#3. Richard Levi

Richard Levi

In 2012, the Mumbai Indians made a costly misstep with the acquisition of Richard Levi, the South African sensation who had recently smashed the record for the fastest T20I century. The dream contract was inked after his explosive start, marked by a 35-ball 50 against CSK. However, this initial brilliance quickly turned into disappointment as Levi's contributions dwindled.

Over the next five matches, he managed a mere 33 runs, including two zeros and two single-digit scores. The player who had taken the cricketing world by storm faded away swiftly, leaving the Mumbai Indians to rue a hasty signing. Levi's stint with Mumbai stands as one of the franchise's worst buys in IPL history.

#2. Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds' stint with the Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2011 turned out to be a regrettable investment. Despite his hefty price tag of 3.9 crore INR, Symonds failed to make a significant impact. He managed to score only 135 runs in 11 games. His lacklustre performance raised eyebrows, especially considering the substantial financial commitment made by the franchise.

Mumbai Indians had expected the Australian all-rounder to be a game-changer, but his underwhelming contributions on the field turned him into one of the worst buys in the team's IPL history. The high expectations attached to his name clashed sharply with the disappointing reality of his limited and ineffective contributions during the season.

#1. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting's stint with the Mumbai Indians in the 2013 IPL marked one of the franchise's worst signings. Despite a stellar international career boasting 27,483 runs, T20 dynamics proved challenging. Acquired for a hefty 400,000 USD, Ponting's arrival promised a dream opening duo with Sachin Tendulkar. However, the excitement swiftly waned as Ponting managed a mere 52 runs in five matches, leading to his exclusion from the playing XI.

His subpar performance, with a strike rate consistently below 100, added pressure to Mumbai's middle order. The substantial investment in Ponting highlighted the disappointment, transforming what seemed like a significant move into a nightmarish decision. While Ponting thrived as a coach, his role as a player emerged as a regrettable choice for the Mumbai Indians.

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