WATCH: Pakistani journalist Farid Khan alleges Indian fan’s misbehavior with Bangladeshi fans

Farid Khan, a known Pakistani journalist, accuses the Indian fans of their alleged misbehaviour with Bangladeshi fans during the 2023 ODI World Cup game in Pune on Thursday

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The ODI World Cup 2023 is witnessing fans enjoy some amazing action on the field of play. Off the field though the action has been as interesting with constant accusations of misbehavior from the Indian fans. Farid Khan a Pakistani journalist has come up with the latest accusations against the Indian crowd. 

The ODI World Cup 2023 has seen some amazing crowd participation after initial unhappiness with the attendance. The Indian fans have shown their support for the amazing cricket played through the initial 20 games played. 

Farid Khan hit the news when he threatened to boycott his coverage of the India versus Bangladesh game. The game in Pune saw the Indian team win the match by 7 wickets to register their fourth win of the tournament.

Is Toy Tiger torn by the Indian fans?

Pakistani journalist Farid Khan posted a short video of a few Indian fans playing with a toy tiger. The tiger is a symbol of Bangladeshi cricket fans as the fans could be seen throwing it around. 


Farid Khan took to Twitter and wrote “Indian fans have harassed my friend and Bangladesh super fan Tiger Shoaib. His tiger is torn apart too”. The Pakistani then tagged Irfan Pathan and implored the former Indian bowler will tweet about this incident as well. 

Writing further Farid Khan asked the Bangladeshi board to take up the matter with the Indian Board and the Apex Body as well. Farid Khan ended the tweet by calling the behaviour ridiculous and the tweet has since gone viral.

Pakistani cricket board had gone to the Apex Cricket Body lodging their protest on the so-called Indian fan's behaviour. The main contention for the PCB was the crowd chants during the ODI World Cup 2023 game in Ahmedabad

For their part, the Apex Cricket Body declined to look into the matter since it pertained to a crowd. This left the PCB with mud in their face as they suffered a defeat off the field just like they had on the field.

Former Indian player Irfan Pathan had recounted a serious incident he was part of during a tour of Pakistan in 2004. The 38-year-old speaking on air said how a fan had thrown a nail during the third ODI in Peshawar. Irfan Pathan said the game was stopped for ten minutes and the Indian team did not raise a hue and cry over this issue.

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